Asthma Survival Guide

Take charge of your Asthma!

Here’s how:

• It’s your body and your life. Early diagnosis and Asthma treatment is crucial so, be proactive!
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• Remember that knowledge is power!
• Find and establish a solid working relationship with an Asthma specialist.
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• If you smoke, QUIT! Avoid second hand smoke.
• Take your meds! Medication can control Asthma.
• Avoiding asthma triggers can also reduce the severity of Asthma.
• Monitor your peak flow! If you need help with this click here.
• Food does matter. Eat your fruit and vegetables and watch what you eat!
• Establish and stick to an exercise plan (even if it’s a short walk around your home or yard)
• Talk to your healtcare provider about immunizations for flu and pneumonia
• Avoid people that have colds or the flu, wash your hands regularly and avoid touching your eyes and nose
• Remain hopeful, we’re in this together!

Key Take Aways:

• Appropriate management of Asthma can enable people to enjoy a good quality of life!