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Asthma and COPD Overlap Syndrome

UC Davis pulmonary specialists and WAF Board Members Samuel Louie and Amir Zeki have named asthma-COPD overlap syndrome, or ACOS.

The physicians recognized the high incidence of the condition — defined by the increased number and intensity of symptoms — after evaluating UC Davis patients with obstructive lung diseases and finding that ACOS was present in about a quarter of patients with severe asthma. They also observed that, on average, 1 in 5 patients with obstructive lung diseases have ACOS.

New Asthma Trials Shows Promise

press reports published today reflect that a new type of asthma drug meant to attack the underlying causes of the respiratory disease slashed episodes by 87 percent in a mid-stage trial, making it a potential game changer for patients with moderate to severe disease, researchers said on Tuesday.