Category: Asthma and Chemical Sensitivity

  • Chemical Compound BPA Affects Lung Development says UC Davis Study

    BPA Affects Lung DevelopmentCollaborative efforts add critical information to understanding effects of BPA BPA (bisphenol A), is used in the manufacturing of various plastics and food packaging, consumer products, some paper receipts, and medical devices. It is controversial because it exerts weak, but detectable, hormone-like properties which can mimic estrogen and may lead to far-ranging […]

  • Fragranced consumer products: effects on asthmatics

    WAF Salutes Anne Steinemann, Department of Infrastructure Engineering, Melbourne School of Engineering, The University of Melbourne, Melbourne, VIC 3010 Australia Fragranced consumer products, such as cleaning supplies, air fresheners, and personal care products, can emit a range of air pollutants and trigger adverse health effects. This study investigates the prevalence and types of effects of […]

  • Perfumes, Magazines and Severe Asthma

    Perfumes Strips and Scents in Magazines “Negatively Affect Asthmatics and adverse respiratory reactions to perfumes says study. In honor of #AsthmaAwarenessWeek and #WorldAsthmaDay can we stop doing this? Note from the World Asthma Foundation. This study dates back to 1994. How much education is needed to change behavior? Can we PLEASE stop this practice already? […]

  • Toxicants and Asthma – Recognizing Health Advocates and Champions for Asthmatics Everywhere

    Toxicants and Asthma – Recognizing Health Advocates and Champions for Asthmatics Everywhere “Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, or PAHs — Exposure can come from breathing car exhaust, fossil fuel combustion, cigarette smoke, and wood smoke, among other routes. The toxicants were linked to problems such as reduced birth weight, asthma, and lower IQ.” – Frederica Perera, Ph.D., […]

  • Asthma and Toxic Consumer Products Linked Says Study

    Hormone Disruption and Asthma Found In Consumer Products, says National Work Group for Safe Markets Press reports reflect that toxic chemicals linked to rising rates of endocrine disruption related disease were found in consumer products and reported in a peer reviewed article in Environmental Health Perspectives today. Silent Spring Institute tested cleaning products, cosmetics, sunscreens, […]

  • Asthma and Fragrance Sensitivity Law Introduced

    According to published reports, a New Hampshire legislature has introduced a House Bill 1444 that could mandate that state workers who interact with the public as a part of their job would be prohibited from wearing fragrances or scented products during business hours. If approved, the bill would take effect within 60 days. Chemical Sensitivity […]