Asthma and Fragrance Sensitivity Law Introduced

According to published reports, a New Hampshire legislature has introduced a House Bill 1444 that could mandate that state workers who interact with the public as a part of their job would be prohibited from wearing fragrances or scented products during business hours. If approved, the bill would take effect within 60 days.

Chemical Sensitivity in Asthmatics Established

In 2009, a study conducted by Caress and Anne Steinenmann at the University of Washington found that nearly a third of people with asthma also have chemical hypersensitivity, and more than a third reported irritation from scented products.

“The more you’re around, the more likely it is to cause an attack,” one of the authors said. “People with asthma, many of them should try to avoid artificially fragranced products.”

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NH bill would ban use of fragrances by some state workers:

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