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The World Asthma Foundation wants to improve the quality of life for all Asthmatics. – by advocating for improved understanding of the causes, diagnostic tools, methodologies, precision therapies, prevention, and one day a cure.
If you or someone you know has Asthma you’re not alone!
The statistics are staggering
*Over 300 million suffer from Asthma worldwide
*Over 440,000 die annually

Defeating Asthma Project

The foundation is currently focused on the Defeating Asthma Project, click here for more information.

World Asthma Foundation


WAF’s mission is to empower the World Asthma community through education, collaboration, and advocacy.


The World Asthma Foundation sees a day where we can improve the quality of life for all Asthmatics. We do this by advocating for an improved understanding of the causes, diagnostic tools, methodologies, precision therapies, prevention, sustainability in healthcare, and one day a cure.


The World Asthma Foundation pursues its mission and vision with a strategy to support the Asthma community with educational resources. The goal is to foster improved outcomes, better doctor-patient relationships, and support joint decision-making. In this way, Asthmatics can take charge of their own health. The main resources we use are podcasts, videos, bulletins and in-depth scientific analysis.

World Asthma Foundation Thrusts

The WAF mission has three main thrusts – Education for researchers, clinicians, those who suffer, and those who care for them; Collaboration with subject matter experts and healthcare organizations; and Advocacy to all.

WAF aims to define the causes of asthma, to assist in joining the dots to help create diagnostic tools, create precision therapies to help those affected, to advocate for changes in early health regimens for children to prevent new cases, and thereby reduce massive healthcare costs by reducing this pervasive disease to that caused naturally.

World Asthma Foundation works on its programs to support people, caregivers, families and their communities that suffer from asthma and related allergy diseases. An asthma attack can strike at any time, in the home, at school or the workplace, exacerbated by environmental conditions.

Through investigation, research and education, the foundation supports improving the lives of all through air quality and water quality improvement. For asthmatics, our current focus is to learn how asthma starts and then how to lower the burden it places on people and the community. In addition, we aim to uncover new targeted treatments so we can use our new expertise in media and publicity to share the findings widely.

World Asthma Day

For World Asthma Day each year, the foundation uses additional resources to support the recognition of this pervasive debilitating disease. We thank all the kind people who helped support us in this endeavor through social media.

@worldasthmaday #worldasthmaday

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