Category: Asthma and COVID19

  • World Asthma Day Summary

    On the day after World Asthma Day, May 3, 2022, we scanned the globe to find a statement that best sums up the current state of affairs regarding Asthma. Kudos to tbe U.S National Institute of Environmental Health NIH Statement on World Asthma Day 2022: Toward Improved Asthma Care Good enough of summary that we […]

  • Asthma and COVID-19 Update Study on Risk

    Asthma does not appear to increase the risk or influence its severity, according to University study Whats new Rutgers researchers say further study is needed but those with the chronic respiratory disease don’t appear to be at a higher risk of getting extremely ill or dying from coronavirus.“Older age and conditions such as heart disease, […]

  • COVID-19 Clues -Shortness of breath is a critical differentiator from other common illnesses

    Interesting News Asthmatics Harvard Medical School is reporting a couple of days ago on their news its news website, that “What can we learn from people with coronavirus who seek care at outpatient clinics? NOTE from WAF: We salute Harvard Medical School for the sharing of this research and all of those on the front […]

  • Managing Asthma during COVID-19: An Example for Other Chronic Conditions in Children and Adolescents

      The novel coronavirus COVID-19, caused by the pathogen SARS-CoV-2, has now spread around the globe with over 1.8 million individuals affected and over 110,000 deaths internationally.(1, 2, 3, 4) As of April 12, 2020 there are 530,830 cases in the U.S. with over 20,000 deaths(2,3) The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) has […]