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About the Run for Asthma

The Run For Asthma is designed to be held in conjunction with local and international marathons all around the world. The Run For Asthma program can help raise funds for education resources and research for millions of people living with asthma worldwide. Participants can run alone or in teams and it’s an easy way to become part of the global movement to educate others about treatment options and to potentially find a cure for Asthma.

Ways to Participate


In every run individuals or teams come up with creative ways to raise money and promote their participation. And the World Asthma Foundation supports you every step of the way with fundraising tips and tools, like our online Run for Asthma center, that help you ask family and friends for their support.

So, join us at a run near you! There are no small steps in this journey. Every mile, every participant, and every dollar raised brings the World Asthma Foundation closer to our goal of supporting those with Asthma.

Fundraising Tools

Fundraising Tips for the Run for Asthma

Fundraising for Asthma education and research is easy, fun, and rewarding. We provide you with support every step of the way to ask your family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers to donate to the World Asthma Foundation. We want you to give everyone you know the opportunity to help create a world without Asthma!

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As soon as you register you’ll be on your way. Registering online helps us to keep in touch with you on the latest Run for Asthma news and information, and you’ll gain access to great fundraising resources. Registration is easy.

* How to Register for Your Run for Asthma podcast
* Run for Asthma Registration Guide
* Run for Asthma Team Captain Registration Guide

Set a goal

Aim high! Set a personal fundraising goal that challenges you to get creative, reach out to more people, and raise the most money possible for Asthma research.

10 Ways to $100
10 Ways to $500
101 Ways to Put the Fun in Fundraising

Share your story

Sharing your personal story of what life is like for you or your loved one with Asthma is one of the most powerful ways to move people to donate. The World Asthma Foundation helps you tell your story in your fundraising letters, on your personal page, and even in video.

How to Tell Your Story
How to Create Your Own Run for Asthma video

Our Fundraise with Facebook app, available through the Participant Center, also lets you broadcast your story. Use the popular social network to solicit donations for the Run for Asthma and raise awareness of the critical need for Asthma education and research funding.

Fundraise with Facebook Video

Start asking early

Our number one fundraising tip: Just ask! Your online Participant Center makes it easy to ask for donations with fundraising letter and email templates.

Sending Emails from Your Participant Center Video
Sample Family Team Fundraising Letters
Sample Corporate Team Fundraising Letter

See it through

Ask and ask again. It’s common for people to put things off. So make sure to follow up on any letters you’ve sent that haven’t received an answer and any outstanding pledges that haven’t been fulfilled as Run for Asthma approaches.

Say thank you!

Saying “thank you” to your donors is the most important step in this journey! Every dollar earned that the World Asthma Foundation will spend will come from the generosity of individuals and organizations just like you. Please be sure to let your supporters know how their donation is helping to create a world without Asthma!

Additional fundraising and recruiting support for teams and team captains can be found on our Family Teams and Corporate Teams pages.

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