Severe Asthma Series

World Asthma Foundation is supporting care of Asthma and asthmatics around the world through a new series focused on Defeating Asthma with the aim of shining a spotlight on getting to a cure

Learn About the Severe Asthma Series What the Severe Asthma Series is all about click here

Follow along with the series (click here) as we cover a variety of topics of interest to Asthmatics. 

  • What are the various types of Severe Asthma
  • What drives Severe Asthma
  • Impact of the environment on Severe Asthma
  • What are the treatment options for Severe Asthma
  • Real world case studies with in-depth analysis
  • University research
  • Live expert podcast and interviews
  • Healthy lifestyle resources
  • Asthma advocacy guide and communication strategies for talking with your medical team

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