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  • Sneezy, wheezy season – CANOE

    Sneezy, wheezy seasonCANOESeasonal allergies to tree pollen and grasses affect more than one in six Canadians; asthma (its triggers can be anything from smog to dogs) affects 8.5% of all people coast to coast and about 230 million people worldwide. That's a lot of sneezing and …and more » View full post on asthma – Google…

  • Clean & Sneezy – Indian Express

    Indian Express Clean & SneezyIndian ExpressDoctors agree that they have never seen such a large number of allergy cases ranging from bronchial asthma to allergic rhinitis to food and skin allergies. So much so that epidemiologists have started hypothesising about the allergy “epidemic” that …and more » View full post on asthma – Google News

  • Sneezy and Wheezy star in asthma show – Our Colorado News

    Sneezy and Wheezy star in asthma showOur Colorado NewsAzur Morris takes her road show with Wheezy, left, and Sneezy to groups around Teller County to talk about children's asthma. Photo by Pat Hill Puppets with funny names and a respiratory therapist with a theatrical bent, a new program developed at … View full post on…