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  • Future Allergies Are ‘Born’ in the Womb – Softpedia

    Future Allergies Are 'Born' in the WombSoftpediaThey are at higher risk of developing both allergies and asthma, the researchers say. The new work was funded by the British Lung Foundation and the Medical …Wheezing and allergies in kids could be determined in the wombTopNewsall 16 news articles » View full post on asthma – Google News

  • Maternal Stress Worsens Child Asthma – Softpedia

    Daily Mail Maternal Stress Worsens Child AsthmaSoftpedia… carried out a research that concluded that stressed out mothers can worsen the gravity of their children's asthma symptoms, especially if the children …Stressed out mothers make asthma in children worseTelegraph.co.ukStressed-out moms likely to worsen child's asthmaSifyAngry mums worsen children's asthmaIrish Healthall 20 news articles » View full post…