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  • Asthma medicines Introduced – spyghana.com

    spyghana.com Asthma medicines Introducedspyghana.comDr Audrey Forson, Professor Bamenla Goka of Korle-bu Teaching Hospital, both leading Asthma Care physicians for adults and children and Dr Phillip Ikeme, Medical Affairs Manager MSD Sub-Saharan Africa spoke on the management of asthma, …and more » View full post on asthma – Google News

  • Mice Eases Asthma Symptoms – spyghana.com

    Mice Eases Asthma Symptomsspyghana.comAsthma Fruits, vegetables and whole-grains might be an unlikely treatment for asthma according to animal studies. Tests on mice, published in the journal Nature Medicine, showed that a high-fibre diet could reduce inflammation in the lungs. The extra … View full post on asthma – Google News

  • Some Basic Information on Asthma and its Treatments – spyghana.com

    Some Basic Information on Asthma and its Treatmentsspyghana.comWith growing density of pollutants in the atmosphere, asthma has become a household affair. Not only adults but the kids as well are being affected by this irritating illness. Asthma has become too common in the world today. However, fighting asthma … View full post on asthma –…