Alarm as child food allergy rate soars – The Australian

Alarm as child food allergy rate soars
The Australian
THE record rate of childhood food allergy in Australia could represent a "second wave" of allergic illness, following the now waning epidemic of asthma seen in the 1990s. A senior immunologist has warned that studies show 10 per cent of children as
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  1. And Australia has the highest childhood vaccination rates. The two go hand in hand… Vaccines, vitamin K shots, and pharmaceuticals are the direct cause of the epidemic. Read the definition of “generally recognized as safe” and you will find that pharmaceutical firms can “self affirm” ingredients. That means they can decide that an ingredient is GRAS. Nothing gets submitted to the FDA or gov’ts. They can use the ingredient in all pharmaceuticals WITHOUT putting it on the package insert and it is a protected trade secret. All highly refined food oils are GRAS and used in vaccines. The culture medium is another source of food protein in vaccines. It is only the final culture medium that is listed on the package insert. Up until then food waste can be used. Trace amounts of food protein remain in the vaccine. Protein + adjuvant = food allergy.

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