Asthma and Allergy Cases Up in Singapore

Asthma and allergy cases up Singapore

Asthma and allergy cases up Singapore and those with respiratory and heart ailments should reduce exertion says the The Straits Times – Singapore

A woman spotted wearing a face mask at Orchard Road yesterday. The PSI rose above 100 into the unhealthy range yesterday. Doctors said that at this range, children and the elderly are most likely to be affected as their lungs tend to be weaker.

DOCTORS here are seeing more patients with haze-related health problems.

Most of them have pre-existing lung conditions such as asthma or have throat and nose conditions.

The haze, which has blown over from forest fires in Sumatra, has brought Singapore’s air pollution to its highest level in four years.

Doctors are echoing the National Environment Agency’s (NEA) advice, asking those with existing heart or respiratory ailments to reduce physical exertion and outdoor activity for now.

Dr Chng Eng Soon from Chng Clinic and Surgery in Toa Payoh said that he has seen about 20 per cent increase in the number of patients coming in with respiratory problems likely caused by the haze. Most are patients with asthma.

Particulate matter in the air, caused by the haze, is inhaled into airways. A high concentration of this could cause inflammation in the lungs, said Dr Hui Kok Pheng, a former president of the Asthma Association of Singapore.

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