EPA’s Coordinated Approach on Asthma

The U.S. EPA’s Coordinated Approach on Asthma Interview with Dr. Daniel Costa

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) promotes scientific understanding of environmental asthma triggers and ways to manage asthma in community settings through research, education and outreach. With federal, state and local partners, we are building the nation’s capacity to control asthma and manage exposure to indoor and outdoor pollutants linked to asthma. The purpose is to build knowledge and awareness to improve the quality of life for millions of Americans with asthma.

In the three minute with Daniel L. Costa, Sc.D, DABT, National Program Director for Air, Climate, & Energy Research Office of Research and Development we learn:

• The benefits of the 2013 ATS Conference
• The relationship/links between clean air and Asthma
• Clean air and Asthma studies
• About the EPA and Asthma
• Why the WAF War on Asthma is important

To learn more about the EPA and its efforts to support Asthma education visit http://www.epa.gov/asthma/

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