Remote Patient Monitoring with ERT

Remote Patient Monitoring and Telehealth for Asthma Interview with ERT

Respiratory disease affects millions of people across the globe, with chronic lower respiratory diseases having the fourth highest mortality rate in the U.S. alone. Effective drug treatment is in high demand, which stresses the importance of respiratory clinical testing.

In the three minute with Michael Taylor, Senior Director, Healthcare Solutions at ERT we learn:

•How ERT is spearheading remote patient monitoring and telehealth for Asthma and COPD patients that provides a dedicated centralized spirometry for providing the most comprehensive clinical respiratory services and devices to ensure accurate data and efficient trial management.
•Why the WAF War on Asthma is important to him

According to ERT the key is having the right study resources in place and a centralized approach to drive the highest quality data.

Learn more about ERT’s Respiratory solutions at:

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